Stanton Moore Trio 09/09/08
The Pour House, Raleigh, NC
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Schoeps MK4 (x/y @ 90 degrees) > KC5 > CMC6 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony D8 @ (48 kHz, 16 bit)
Location: LOC, clamped to pole (slightly right and in front of soundboard)
Stanton Moore Trio
The Pour House
Raleigh, NC
September 9, 2008

Stanton Moore - drums
Will Bernard - guitars
Robert Walters - keyboards


Schoeps MK4 (x/y @ 90 degrees) > KC5 > CMC6 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony D8  @ (48 kHz, 16 bit)


LOC, clamped to pole (slightly right and in front of soundboard)


Tascam DA-30 > Monster Coax > M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 > Sony Sound Forge 9.0
resampled at highest setting (4/4) with anti-aliasing filter on

track split & edited in SF9.0

taped edited and transferred by jadedphan

Disc One: Set One

01. Intro
02. Big 'Uns Get The Ball Rolling
03. Track 03
04. Will Bernard Tune
05. 571
06. Maple Plank
07. Live Wire (?)
08. Awanna
09. Aquafresh

Disc Two: Set Two

01. Over Compensate
02. Track 02
03. Cat Scan
04. Kickin' Up Dust
05. Keep on wine
06. Adelita
07. Track 07
08. Maple Leaf


09. Good Times Bad Times

909b5d92dd7e08046382ec7b9995087a *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t01_Intro.wav
bc945c2031f0d2c903c78085ff339ffe *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t02_Big Un's Get the Ball Rollin'.wav
f8c36dba892b803cf499564fa7969d27 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t03_Track 03.wav
1c4c234a1675d4e2b75c03669430c8c4 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t04_Will Bernard Tune.wav
ae03e439c29feffa315b8ea9c132d0ac *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t05_571.wav
2dfe07e33f14745d28e95aaef7402cee *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t06_Maple Plank.wav
cb15a13439374aefa080c2cbaf2566f3 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t07_Live Wire.wav
70b3ca9c776f778b943f2777e0514588 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t08_Awanna.wav
5907b1489af28c2117657c24102a882c *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t09_Aquafresh.wav
a07015c186d028daf7dceae51f72998c *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t01_Over Compensate.wav
60a46079e0fae2fc886baf413baebea3 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t02_Track 02.wav
dcaef3a26d211e0ee10f3cadb24f052d *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t03_Cat Scan.wav
9858f05db019d6e3bb273153b2349d74 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t04_Kickin' Up Dust.wav
a7095328d132fa384e13c0e05bc064cf *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t05_Keep on Wine.wav
90b48a9f7be26376304eacaa7ed555aa *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t06_Adelita.wav
8de91459fa241c7d27626dea671c506f *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t07_Track 07.wav
657263e3808fd2e517a8b2cb0701e979 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t08_Maple Leaf.wav
0d00ea6dc54d81cc1c26cb157ae49247 *Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t09_Good Times Bad Times.wav
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t01_Intro.flac:d4946e3fa3338c9583ed2a1e5e247378
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t02_Big Un's Get the Ball Rollin'.flac:8c9144e5374bdc59f55a7f94bbe067aa
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t03_Track 03.flac:6da5d865ce63c492aed5efd13c33ad30
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t04_Will Bernard Tune.flac:b1550f4179fd9e81f492a4de09373837
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t05_571.flac:c9370637531a37c054c9f44b77b56626
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t06_Maple Plank.flac:bd662623481b7839c063ff2c35e909aa
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t07_Live Wire.flac:02c632d94f6cf112fa24554bee96abd4
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t08_Awanna.flac:1275c44e13e6ea4e0c31c1ec2bd5be78
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d01t09_Aquafresh.flac:af80276f7076977b9a46e8203c9aed06
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t01_Over Compensate.flac:4c35fdaa1a2e1d67f1bbcc5fe2baa0fc
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t02_Track 02.flac:798c2fd259de48683ae1fd51c5f6160e
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t03_Cat Scan.flac:96bf53ecbecaf7193ab42204c1646a03
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t04_Kickin' Up Dust.flac:81149d019e802c8773c9eb1a89e1db2a
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t05_Keep on Wine.flac:e230c418d17da3f328c06298fbaa43c6
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t06_Adelita.flac:aead1fb3d65c16b93f587c99b2de06cb
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t07_Track 07.flac:afa76e628a16d849ea60a6731add3ff0
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t08_Maple Leaf.flac:a930e2db102a3c654ed34c8f3d081b12
Stanton Moore Trio2008-09-09d02t09_Good Times Bad Times.flac:2a738f9415f782baaa0fd4d611c91da8

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