Show detail for They Might Be Giants - 09/20/07
Show Date09/20/07
VenueBoulder Theater
Set 1The Cap'm
Take Out The Trash
Upside Down Frown
New York City
Birdhouse in Your Soul
The Shadow Government
Alphabet Of Nations
Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Don't Let's Start
Phone Calls From The Dead >
We're The Replacements >
Memo To Human Resources
I'm Impressed
Snail Shell
Whistling in the Dark
Ana Ng
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Withered Hope
The Mesopotamians
Encore 1:
With The Dark
Particle Man >
The Famous Polka
Encore 2:
Dr. Worm
Damn Good Times
Show Added By:John Cook
Last Update2013-12-17 16:36:51
Date Entered2007-10-14 21:16:36
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