Show detail for Warren Haynes Christmas Jam - 12/07/18
Show Date12/07/18
VenueU.S. Cellular Center
Set 1Warren Haynes

Set: Company Man, King Of Country Music (w/ Ray Sisk), Glory Road (w/ Ray Sisk)

Marco Benevento (w/ Karina Rykman on bass and Dave Butler on drums)

Set: The Story Of Fred Short Suite (Intro, Seven Twenty Two, Walking With Tyrone, Live A Certain Life, Stay In Line, I Can’t See The Light, Follow The Arrow), Greenpoint, Pepper

Audley Freed, Patrick Hallahan, Robert Kearns & Jen Gunderman

Set: Winter Wonderland, In The Mood (w/ Joanne Shaw Taylor), Honeysuckle Blue (w/ Kevn Kinney & Jimmy Vivino), Straight To Hell (w/ Jamey Johnson, Kevn Kinney & Jimmy Vivino), Workingman Blues (w/ Jamey Johnson and Jimmy Vivino)

Jamey Johnson

Set: Keeping Up With The Jonesin’, High Cost Of Living, Brody Jack, Back To Caroline, You Should Have Seen It In Color, Ophelia, I Think I’ll Just Stay Here & Drink (w/ Audley Freed), East Bound And Down, It Hurts Me Too (w/ Warren Haynes)

Tyler Ramsey

Set: Long Dream, The Valley Wind, The Nightbird, Country Teen, These Days (w/ Warren Haynes)

Mike Gordon
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