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03/12/2008 5 Rich Great trader, hope to do it again!
Rating for Rich:5(9)
03/10/2008 5 Kevin Rowe Just wanted to note Jason is a great trader. We've done several trades and he is awesome. Thank you very much.
Rating for Kevin Rowe:5(3)
03/10/2008 5 Mike Kelly I've done a few trades over the years with Jason. All have gone as smoothly as possible. He keeps in touch throughout, ships in a timely fashion, and uses quality media. Highly recommended!
Rating for Mike Kelly:4.32(19)
03/05/2008 5 David Easy trading and great music... the way it should be!
Rating for David:5(2)
11/12/2007 5 BrianM Had a GREAT trade with Jason,Fast and smooth with some good quality shows!Everything went perfect!I will be happy to trade with him again and again.:-)
Rating for BrianM:5(10)
10/25/2007 5 bubba420 Great trader with some great shows! I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fast/easy trade.
Rating for bubba420:5(4)
10/14/2007 5 Gabacho Jason is a great trader. Very prompt, good communication. Definitely worth trading with. Thanks a lot from Japan.
Rating for Gabacho:4.72(25)
10/06/2007 5 Mandi jason is a fantastic trader. we did a large dvd trade and everything was excellent and promptly sent. i would definitely trade with him again, thanks jason
Rating for Mandi:5(6)
09/27/2007 2 If you smile at me I will understand ???????????? I thought a while before replying, but here it is: First of all I have traded with this person only once. I did elaborate the problems but he did not even say to send him back the CDs so to verify by himself. The fact that I asked for another trade was the occasion to send him back the CDs. The benefit of the doubt you would have had it in only you would have said “send me back the CDs in order to verify”. But no, no sensibility. In an exchange music trade it’s not a question “to always get your way” as he said. Trade is fun, is to expand the music, to help people to start their own collection as I have been helped and as I continue to help. It’a a question of “FORMA MENTIS” If it all turns like this trade better stop. To much pollution around. I am clean, because what I did send to him satisfied the man. It’s strange, my e-mails to him where diverted to his spam box as he said, but the one where I got angry and where I had, as he said, “antiamerican thoughts”, he received it. Why anti-American? Does in the world of music exist anti-American music? Well if we consider the Latin american music of the 70' and 80" yes. Today not at my “connaissance” The story for me ends here. p.s. concerning the raiting I do not care, i have my opinion already expressed!
Rating for If you smile at me I will understand:0(0)
Response: Seeing as how Alessandro did not elaborate on what the actual problem was, I will give my side of the story here. We have done two trades of about 15-20 discs each, one in late Spring 2006 and one around May 2007. It is unfortunate that he was not happy with my product because everything I got from him was fine. Later this summer, I got an email from Alessandro saying that one of the discs had everything in two tracks or something along those lines. Not sure how this happened becuase I have always burned discs using the same method and it has never been a problem other than in this case. I did not hear back from him for a while so I figured things were OK. Turns out, he sent me another email asking for another trade and stated that everything was fine with the other discs he got. All of this and other emails were filtered to my spam box by my school's ISP due to a virus that went around campus. Somehow, my not responding to his other trade request translates to me "ripping him off." It is unfortunate that he was not happy with the trade but he was by no means ripped off. Ill be the bigger man and not leave anything on his comments as the discs he sent me were fine. However, if there are any questions or concerns before setting up a trade with me please don't think I ripped anyone off. I have never once in my life ripped another trader off. I have no idea how he thinks I ripped him off but by a quote from his last email I think he holds some form of hostility towards people of my background(American). Here's the quote - "I hope one day you will meet some nice, iraki, iranians or maybe afghans who will make you listen some really good music". The only negative comment I have ever had based on a trade was from an anti-American BIGOT who simply didn't get his request responded to and couldn't give an honest trader the benefit of the doubt. "Lies Lies, You don't always get your way..." -John Bell 10/1/07 Update: now he has changed his rating from a 1 to a 2 and left a comment of "????????". Im not quite sure if this means anything but I would just like to add that no one else I have traded with had any problems.
09/05/2007 5 mark Great trader.Good comms and fast shipping.Hope to trade with again.Highly recommended.Thanks.Mark.
Rating for mark:5(18)
09/01/2007 5 aikox2 I just completed a large trade with Jason. Great communication, accurate info, very fast turnaround, and excellent shows. I would not hesitate to trade with Jason again, and I have only good things to say. Thanks, Jason. I hope you enjoy the shows I sent you as much as I am enjoying the ones you sent me.
Rating for aikox2:4.92(12)
07/15/2007 5 Drew Great trade! Very thorough and excellent communication!
Rating for Drew:5(5)
05/30/2007 5 Amy Jason and I did a large trade, and he was very pleasant to work with. Kept in constant communication throughout the trade and mailed my shows out promptly. Recommend highly to others!
Rating for Amy:5(40)
05/23/2007 5 Will Great trade, great trader. Very quick, even though I wasn't.
Rating for Will:5(5)
01/02/2007 5 kindnoodles/chris helmick jason and i just pulled a 50 cdr trade and he kept in touch throughout trade,used quality media,packaged my cdr nicely and got my shows to me in a timely manner.i would trade with jason again anytime
Rating for kindnoodles/chris helmick:4.95(22)
04/02/2005 4 karl banach Thanks for the trade! The Bob Seger show is great. The trade went with out a hitch! Definitly trade again with you! Karl/wheresjerry
Rating for karl banach:4.94(33)
11/20/2004 5 woodenalligator Great person to trade with did a large trade and was very pleased. Jason is a man of his word...a pleasure
Rating for woodenalligator:5(29)
08/03/2003 5 Johnny Brinkworth I got some phat Dead shows from Jason. He sent high quality discs very promptly. Would love to trade again sometime :)
Rating for Johnny Brinkworth:5(9)
07/29/2003 5 Tyler Bruce jason is a great trader. i got my shows fast and they are excellent quality. i would trade with him again.
Rating for Tyler Bruce:4.25(4)
07/24/2003 5 Jacob Howard Jason is great....fantastic quality, very quick turn around. A great all-around trade.
Rating for Jacob Howard:4.8(5)
07/18/2003 5 Joey Browning A-OK wit me!
Rating for Joey Browning:4.92(24)
06/02/2003 5 JasonPoe Jason is a pleasure to trade with. Quick turn-arounds, great sounds & quality discs. The trade couldn't have gone smoother. THANKS JASON!
Rating for JasonPoe:4.96(71)
Rating for ERIC GRAY:5(5)
05/11/2003 5 growpe Jasons a great trader. I set up a 10-disc trade and everything came quickly and sounds great. Thanks again Jason.
Rating for growpe:5(6)
04/03/2003 5 Brian Colish Fast accurate and quality trader with integrity!
Rating for Brian Colish:4.82(11)
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