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01/06/2008 3 jimcampbell Wanted to email you but couldn't. I'd like to do a quick (small) trade for your Thirsty Hippo Grupo Fantasma show. Check my list at and shoot me an email if you're willing.
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12/16/2007 4 shane Hello, I was trying to email you, Im interested in your grayson capps shows. If you have time, email me at vinyljunkie318 at thanks, shane
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11/22/2007 5 judson Jkbyram, If you are based in Hattiesburg and record other shows, I would love to get up with you. I'm in the Chance Fisher Band and need good recording to put on etree. I would pay you for sure. Thanks for the deadkennyg's and hope to hear from you.
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08/24/2007 3 Chris Any chance you'll be taping John Prine in Jackson, MS on August 24, 2007?
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04/27/2007 5 pj i have an interest in some of the grayson capps but cant email you
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