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07/21/2011 5 Al Brown Ed is an excellent trader.
Rating for Al Brown:5(16)
07/14/2011 5 bear bridges I approached Ed for a trade and we set up a quick small trade with great goods & efficiency. Ed is a generous trader and I heartily recommend him. Many thanks Ed.
Rating for bear bridges:4.75(12)
10/18/2010 5 kindnoodles/chris helmick ed is a great guy to trade music got to me promptly,packaged well,on quality media.i would recommend him as a trading partner wholeheartedly
Rating for kindnoodles/chris helmick:4.95(22)
07/20/2010 5 Russell Great communication. Got my disc very quickly, well packaged. Thanks Ed! Hope to do it again.
Rating for Russell:5(16)
05/30/2010 5 Michael H Griffin Ed helped me out with a nice B&P. He was friendly and had good communication throughout the trade
Rating for Michael H Griffin:5(4)
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