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05/24/2006 5 Donny Taylor Great trader. Special thanks for helping me out on the show I attended.
Rating for Donny Taylor:5(17)
11/21/2005 5 elmo sheetrock Excellent! Thanks for the quick trade!
Rating for elmo sheetrock:5(2)
04/29/2005 5 MonolithicObelisk The fastest return for b&ps I have ever had!!! Awesome to work with, Thanks again Jeff.
Rating for MonolithicObelisk:0(0)
04/28/2005 5 bill sherwood Jeff helped me out bigtime with a b&p and was an awesome person to deal with. great emails and speedy, too. thank you for making this experience a most pleasant one. i hope we can, in the future, deal with each other again. thank you, jeff.
Rating for bill sherwood:0(0)
04/16/2005 5 upstateDB Thanks for the shows,quick turn around and good sounding shows. Great selection of southern rock.
Rating for upstateDB:5(18)
04/07/2005 5 op thanks so much jeff....i hope we can do this again sometime
Rating for op:0(0)
04/25/2004 5 Michael Thanks for the 6/26/03 ABB show. Great trader.
Rating for Michael:0(0)
04/15/2004 5 Will LaFond Jeff sent me some great music and communicated well throughout the trade. Thanks! 8/24/04: Just did another great trade.
Rating for Will LaFond:5(23)
03/12/2004 5 Keithus Quick turnaround time for great discs. Highly recommended!
Rating for Keithus:4.87(23)
01/21/2004 5 Ringo Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for the great trade. Your stuff make me so happy. Could you make another trade with me again?
Rating for Ringo:4.8(20)
02/08/2003 4 Tim Moran Jeff is a great trader. We just recently completed a nice sized trade. Hopefully, we can trade again down the road.
Rating for Tim Moran:4.9(10)
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