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"21st Century Lips"

Glastonbury UK June 28th 2003: Race For The Prize Fight Test The Gash Yoshimi Pt.1 Do You Realize Waiting For A Superman Breathe (Pink Floyd Cover) T In The Park Scotland July 18th 2003: Yoshimi Pt. 1 Fight Test Do You Realize?
Big Day Out Australia Jan 24th 2004 Intro Race For The Prize Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover) Yoshimi Pt. 1 Golden Path (without The Chemical Brothers) She Don't Use Jelly 18: Do You Realize? JD Set Lynchburg, Tennessee USA Sept. 18th 2004 Intro & Interview 1 Race For The Prize The Gash Interview 2 Yoshimi Reprise (MTV2 put these out of order) Yoshimi Pt. 1 Interview 3 Yoshimi Pt. 2 (Instumental) The Spark That Bled Interview 4/ She Don't Use Jelly Interview 5/ In The Morning Of Magicians Interview 6/ Do You Realize?

Weekender'09+Glastonbury Festival'10

Date: 6th November 2009 Venue: Weißenhäuser Strand, Wangels, Germany Event: Rolling Stone Weekender Broadcast: WDR Test A, Astra @ 19E, 24th/25th January 2010 Tracklist: 00: Short Interview 01: Silver Trembling Hands 02: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song 03: Fight Test 04: Convinced Of The Hex 05: Evil TRT: 0hr 27min 42sec Date *: 25th June 2010 Venue *: The Other Stage Event *: Glastonbury Festival Broadcast *: 25th June 2010, BBCi STREAM 2. Astra @ 28E, 25th June 2010 00: Happy 40th Glastonbury 01: The Fear 02: Worm Mountain 03: She Don't Use Jelly 04: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song 05: See The Leaves 06: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots TRT: 0hr 29min 48sec

Zaireeka Companion DVD
Zaireeka Companion DVD

Source Zaireeka 5.1 Ultimate DVD experience DVDs 1 Quality 10 Notes NTSC Pro-shot "Are you ready for this. It's the Flaming Lip's four disc experimental release Zaireeka mixed in 5.1 surround sound 8 times over and is set to various cult classic movie clips." The timing of the clips to the music is mind blowing. This is a must have for any Lips fan. Those not familiar with the Flaming Lips or the Zaireeka concept should also enjoy this incredible display of sound and vision. For more information on the music please see the review of the Zaireeka CD below. The DVD was created by Joe Morales (aka JedE3)"
This DVD gives the viewer 8 AUDIO OPTIONS: 1. Perfect Mix (All 4 CDs In Sync) 2. CD #1 only 3. CD #2 only 4. CD #3 only 5. CD #4 only 6. CDs 1 & 3 7. CDs 2 & 4 8. Human Error Mix (All 4 CDs Out of Sync) -------> creates disorientation and confusion

We Are Not In Drugs... Yet - 1999-2003

1999 Japan Race For The Prize Feeling Yourself Disintegrate She Don't Use Jelly Slow Nerve Action Waiting For A Superman 1999 Philadelphia Race For The Prize She Don't Use Jelly interview Waiting For A Superman interview The Spark That Bled 1999 London, UK Race For The Prize Riding To Work In The Year 2025 Feeling Yourself Disintegrate She Don't Use Jelly Slow Nerve Action Somewhere Over The Rainbow Lightnin' Strikes The Postman Waiting For A Superman What Is The Light 2000 Conan O' Brien Waitin' For A Superman
2000 Craig Kilborn Do You Realize? 2002 Japan Do You Realize? She Don't Use Jelly interview 2003 Letterman Do You Realize?
Promo Video Do You Realize?

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