John Hartford and Related Artists · 1996
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The Firemen's Kitchen

Introductions > Squirrel Hunters Bring Your Clothes Back Home Gentle On My Mind Run Little Rabbit Run Lorena Take Me Back To My Mississippi Home Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms I Wonder Where You Are Tonight Going Back To Dixie Cant Stand To Throw Anything Away My Tears Don't Show Shortnin' Bread In Tall Buildings My Rag I Wish We Had Our Time Again

Fiddle Workshop Traditional Tent - Merlefest

Winterhawk Festival

Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival

Podunk Bluegrass Festival
East Hartford

On the Radio A Wound Time Can't Erase Ida Red Steampowered Aereoplane Gentle on My Mind Where Does an Old Time Riverman Go > Gumtree Canoe> Takin' Me Back To That Mississippi River Home In Tall Buildings Black River Wolves A Howlin' My Tears Don't Show Sweetheart Can't You Hear Me Calling ?? Orange Blossom Special Encore: Square Dance Call Tennessee/Podunk BGF Waltz Skippin' in the Mississippi Dew

Paul Smith's College
Paul Smiths

Squirrel Hunters Try Me One More Time Lorena Gentle On My Mind Violent Song My Tears Don't Show Callahan Wild Hog In The Red Bush Can't You Hear Me Calling Tennessee Blues Orange Blossom Special Square Dance Medley
St. Regis Summerfest John Hartford - Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar Mike Compton - Mandolin Jerry Mccoury - Bass

Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse

John Hartford September 10, 1996 Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse - Berkeley, CA Coresounds:DAT Set 1 01. Intro > Bill Monroe Died 02. Muleskinner Blues 03. Instrumental 04. First Whipporwill 05. Instrumental 06. Rose Of Old Kentucky 07. Cross-Eyed Child 08. Little Cabin Home On The Hill 09. Instrumental 10. My Last Days On Earth 11. Used To Be 12. Half Past Four 13. On The Radio 14. WSM PUN 15. The Lowest Pair 16. Blackbird 17. Lorena 18. Gentle On My Mind 19. Freed Bailey 20. Short Life Of Trouble 21. Silvertone 22. More Big Bull Fiddle Fun > I Can’t Stand To Throw Anything Away 23. Annual Waltz 24. Tugboat 25. Jenny On The Railroad 26. Hartford House 27. I Wish We Had Our Time Again 28. Bonaparte's Retreat 29. Boogie 30. Steamboat Whistle Blues 31. Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms With Jerry McCoury and Mike Compton Keith's Notes: OK, I have had this one stashed away for many, many years. (Thanks for recording JB!) The delta between the music and the audience applause was always more of a challenge than I could handle. I have made many attempts to make this more and more listenable to no avail. Now with audio tools at the state they are I think that I have this one in pretty good shape This was recorded with a VERY low volume the only way to make the music listenable was to cook it a little bit. I used iZotope RX5 Advanced to de-click close mic claps, then used iZotope Ozone 7 Vintage Limiter to a threshold of -8dB with a ceiling of -0.1dB and then applied a custom EQ Enjoy it as what it is; a John Hartford show the day after Bill Monroe died.
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