Grateful Dead Interviews · 1970
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New York

intro, "History of the Dead" plane flight spiro "drugs in music" where you live? new album intros life at home good jerry story , ... "a people's band" jerry - good audience Haight Street drugs , deep thoughts schedule evaluation of interview what is happening? irresponsiblity of media, jerry's projects free speech , dog joke
Pre-taped in studio, broadcast Sept 26, 1970. WMCA AM in NY.

Winterland Arena
San Francisco

This is the radio broadcast of the set-break between the Dead's and Airplane's sets. The show was a quadraphonic broadcast (two radio stations and KQED-TV), and an unknown taper captured the intermission after the Dead's show in this recording. In the KSAN broadcast, KSAN DJ Dusty Street wanders around interviewing various people backstage at Winterland about the show, including Marmaduke and Pigpen. There's some talk about the recording and broadcasting, and the experience at Winterland. Dusty finds out midway that Janis Joplin has just died.

Unknown Radio Station
Port Chester

Radio Apology for cancelled December 18, 1970 show
Mickey and Jerry make a public apology for having to cancel the December 18, 1970 show that was to take place in Port Chester. This however is no ordinary "I'm sorry" statement :-) Comments from There were three shows booked & advertised for the Capitol Theater on December 18, 19 & 20 but they were cancelled and rescheduled for February 71. There is tape in circulation of a radio ad announcing and apologizing for the cancellation ("The Port Chester Apology").
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