Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade · 2005
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Astoria Lounge
Carnival Celebration

Roof Highball with the Devil > Voodoo Chile tease > Highball with the Devil Long in the Tooth Percipitation Cosmic Highway Whamola Drums Wanna Be Like You (Jungle Book) Hendershot Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2 D's Diner
E: Holy Mackerel
Jam Cruise 3 Les and the Frogs came on at 2 AM on 1/7. db.etree dates this show for the date it was billed, 1/6. Please do not create a new entry for this show on 1/7

Astoria Lounge (Jam Cruise III)
Carnival Celebration

Ding Dang Thela Hun Ginjeet David Makalaster I Calling Kyle Polka Your Eye Out Buzzard's of Green Hill Shine On You Crazy Diamond ^ Maggot Brain * David Makalaster II Wanna Be Like You
^ - with Karl Denson * - with Jimmy Herring Setlist courtesy of www.toasterland.com This show was billed for 1/7. The band took the stage in the early morning hours of 1/8. db.etree practice is to list the show on the billed date, even if the show began after midnight. Please do not create this show entry again for 1/8.

New Orleans

Thela Hun Ginjeet * Up On The Roof David Makalaster pt. 1 ^ Buzzards of Green Hill w/ Warren Haynes Long In The Tooth Hendershot Elephant Ghost @ # Calling Kyle > Drums and Percussion and short whamola jam Highball with the Devil w/ Eenor Thai Noodles > The Big Eyeball in the Sky # D's Diner % # Encore: Whamola * Shadow of a Man tease ^ Southbound Pachyderm tease @ Groundhog's Day lyrics # with Gabby La La % My Name is Mud tease
Warren Haynes joins them on guitar for one song. Gabby Lala (sitar, vocals) joins them for some songs. Officially billed as "Les Claypool & His Band" 4/28/05 they went on after midnight

High Sierra Music Festival

Highball With The Devil David Makalaster ? Long In The Tooth Back Pack Thai Noodles Dee's Diner
The Frog Brigade : Les Skerik Jay Dillon Gabby LaLa

Newport Music Hall

Up On The Roof David Makalaster 1 Cosmic Highway Precipitation Long In The Tooth Highball With The Devil > The Awakening > Highball With The Devil > Drums > Whamola jam > Drums Thai Noodles D's Diner
Cohibas Esplenditos


Ding Dang Riddles Are Abound Tonight Calling Kyle Long In The Tooth Highball With The Devil Drums/Whamola/Drums Shine On You Crazy Diamond The Big Eyeball In The Sky D's Diner Encore: Running The Gauntlet * > Up On The Roof

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