Terry & The Pirates · 1987
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Chi Chi Club
San Francisco

Sharper Than A Razor Blade Jack Of Diamonds Nighthawkin' The Dawn Burgundy Blues Something To Lose Comanche Boots Inside & Out Ain't Living Long Like This Highway Train Kept A Rollin' Keep The Beat Alive Bar Room Blues? Country Plow I Wish I Was Your River I Just Want To Follow Her Around I Put A Spell On You ? Brown Skin Monkey Bag I'm Writing You A Letter Inlaws & Outlaws

Chi Chi Club
San Francisco

Tree,Moon And Tide Corrina,Corrina The Cuckoo Intros Razorblades Talk Inside And Out Rainbow I Put A Spell On You Tuning Unknown
Highway Tuning Nothing To Lose Yankee Son Train Keept A Rollin' Borrow Love And Go Tuning Comanche Boots Silverado Trail Tuning All Worth The Price You Pay
Tuning Ain'tLivin' Long Like This Inlaws And Outlaws Nighthawkin' The Dawn I'm Writing You A Letter Tuning Be My Woman Follow Her Around Tuning Monkey Boy I Wish I Were Your River
Terry Dolan:guitar,vocals John Cipollina:guitar,vocals Greg Douglass:guitar,vocals David Hayes:bass,vocals Greg Elmore:drums

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