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HEllo    Music Is mY liFe    I live breath music  .

  I am always attending  live shows  and have a deep passion for  live music   mainly  , Unique&Extreme music   .All shows on my list  are amateur  or unreleased recordings Information ONLY  for my   personal enjoyment Knowledge  and information ONLY  sharing freely with other musiclovers as a hobby  . Nothing is for SALE  here  , or profit  . NO SALES Ever  !!! Dont rip off the Bands Buy the Bands  Official  release's!   Thanks  to Musicians who create music for  us to enjoy. Go to live shows,  buy cds and shirts  directly from the  bands . IF your *BAnd *  prefers not  to share free info  about free  Fanmade unrealesd recordings  Please let me know and Ill Remove any info of your Band asap

 heres my contact   soundisfood(at)

*Sorry I dont do B,P   Anymore I get to many  people emailing asking  , I dont have time. * Please dont ask *


*Important *Sadly 2 big external hardrives are  having problems reading  as of july 2018 

not sure whats lost because the 2nd hardrive was the backup of the 1st (real bad luck)

Mostly jazz audio  some metal audios probaly  few hundred gigs ?  also alot live Hd  raw video footage .

*Cant trade audio's since my list is full of shows i may not have anymore *


LIST   -

My older detailed lists on dbetree  is split up into 7  pages , names of each page in red and what generally appears on each is listed below

Audio-all styles of music  Avantgarde , Jazz  , funk ,  etc

Claypool-strictly audios of primus, frogbrigade,c2b3,holy mackrel,fancyband

DVD Concerts-  All styles of music DVDs  (except metal and punk)

Metal-only audios of  Death metal ,   all styles metal and  some punk

Metal Dvd Concerts -  Death metal , all styles of  metal and  some punk -DVDs 

SkerikMIkeDBucket  -Audio of Skerik , Mike Dillon  ,Buckethead   projects

Metal Bluray Concerts- Blurays(authored menu)  , Raw camcorder 1080 files   , HD tv broadcast captured raw data lossless ,HD prowebcast Data

Electronic /Industrial /Ozric Tentacles  AUDIO -  Ozric Tentacles ,Electro,Industrial( Skinny Puppy)



Info  -Heres just some subjective rating and   content  info --

-All audio in  Lossles Flac or  few are in Shorten Format stored on Data dvds, some are    just wav on a cdr  if stated.

-* I have a few (6) lossy shows from minidisc -

 but they are clearly stated , For now thats all that circulates  That I know of  .

-I have a few pro webcast converted to dvd  for myself -they will be  marked WC  (no youtube Vids)

-DVDs list has -ntsc and pal formats , ( Unreleased pro tv shots/satelites and audience )

Grading  for video quality is general observation  >>>>>>>>>>

A+       -proshots

A         -proshots average /  Very Good audience shot (master)

A-        - Audience shot  (master)

B+       - Audience shot average(master) / proshot with  problems

B         - low gen Good quality  /masters with minor problems

b-        - Some Shakey/ handheld  / low gen  ?

C         -generated  audience shot or  bad filming

*sometimes  a good low gen vhs source makes a b+or a-  grade but its rare

Please Im looking for Only" Master " Source or  1st gen only  dvd  _




****only  rules I follow and expect *****

 -use Quality blank media.

-padded  package .

-Each disc  sleeved .

-no writing on discs use paper note for label .

-Please Try to provide as much info as possible (lineage,Quality). ( I prefer to Know Camcorder -Brand,   Show  venue , lineage info details  )                                                                                                                                                                  -*I dont want vcd ,mpg converted sourced  dvd shows    

-I only trade  Disc for Disc not show  for show-

1 dvd = 1 dvd

1 Dual layer = 3    dvd

2 cd =  1 dvd

1 cd = 1cd

1 data dvd = 1 data dvd

1 BLURAY =  1 Bluray

-Be honest  and   Communicative.

-Do to so many people sending me bad discs I have to ask

PLEASE TEST WATCH EACH DISC BEFORE MAILING its not that hard and saves both people alot time& trouble.

-I expect a replacement if the disc is bad ,corrupted.

******please use good media like  Brands- " Taiyo Yudens "- or these  brands  that are good Quality   for me.

((((( Taiyo Yudens  ,Fuji , SONY , verbatim,  Philips,    - Even these 3 average brands are ok >> TDK, maxell , kodak.)))))))))    I Use Taiyo Yudens silvers and  SONY  myself  Because They are made well and Quality is  the best ive  used in all the brands ive  bought . they never error  and last  years.


Just a little  message for some-

Im sick of  bad cheap Media sent to me  .

DONT send me cheap discs Please

Heres a few examples of  bad brands I dont like  and have had  bad experiences - __Dont send me these cheap  brands below- I haved  way to many repeated problems f-ck these - Memorex  ,  hp   ,  office depot , noname  generic  ,imation -  - bad brands.

Hello Music freaks 

IM Looking for any  DEATH  METAL  shows --   -** I want BRutal   DEATH  Metal    Dvds   Especially these !

 ,Imperial triumphant , Inveracity  -To Violently Vomit- , DISGORGE  , Pathology , Condemned , Deprecated  ,Cephalotripsy, Cattle Decaptiation , Gortuary ,Portal ,Morbid angel ,  Death   , Obscura , Urgehal  , Exhumed , Ragnarock , Lividity ,Suffocation  , Origin  , Carcass  ,Gorguts , Carnal Decay , Rotting Christ , Mayhem Inquisition  , Putridity ,Defeated sanity ,  Malignancy   ,Severe Torture , Beheaded , Nile  ,Deeds of flesh ,Hate Eternal ,  ,Tsjuder.

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