Garcia 03/08/80
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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JGB: Audience Recording > ? > FLAC
Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone
San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia - Insane Guitar & Vocals
John Kahn - Bass
Ozzie Ahlers - Keyboards
Johnny de Foncesca - Drumz

Insane Audience Recording

---Set 1---
01. Sugaree!  [15:28]
02. That's What Love Will Make You Do [10:38]
03. Simple Twist of Fate [16;39]
04. Tore Up [10:24]
---Set 2---:
05. I'll Take a Melody [14:19]
06. How Sweet It Is [8:31]
07. After Midnight > [10:00]
08. Eleanor Rigby > [5:05]
09. After Midnight [4:20]
10. When I Paint My Masterpiece > [10:48]
11. Midnight Moonlight [6:35]
12. Jerry puffs with Tapes pre-show [7:17]

JGB 1980-03-08d1t01 Sugaree.flac:de13b048f42c2e25137d6c7c01e5a0d1
JGB 1980-03-08d1t02 That's What Love Will Make You Do.flac:aaec540f926d6a615584606900caa30f
JGB 1980-03-08d1t03 Simple Twist of Fate.flac:ce8194466217c2c61bb5ccc486664029
JGB 1980-03-08d1t04 Tore Up.flac:18d756fefa93c84ffd8bf8189216b872
JGB 1980-03-08d2t01 I'll Take a Melody.flac:d7c0a675f98b33410d0cd3ba7a850790
JGB 1980-03-08d2t02 How Sweet it Is.flac:e741d957964e69d9b03657c391c10115
JGB 1980-03-08d2t03 After Midnite _.flac:01e9255ee40a0388adbb716f6fb0fb10
JGB 1980-03-08d2t04 Eleanor Rigby _.flac:b34a84114b76c135aacf09735b47baf9
JGB 1980-03-08d2t05 After Midnight.flac:2f9b160275c72c52a3916ac709bae2ef
JGB 1980-03-08d2t06 When I Paint My Masterpiece _.flac:5af37495285ecc08832c21bd8813604f
JGB 1980-03-08d2t07 Midnight Moonlight.flac:e29725838689872be7d7a2673520ab36
JGB 1980-03-08d2t08 Jerry puffs w Tapers pre-show.flac:a3cd5a8be03064f9dc0b31e9f1a13bd8
4a51d93be8004f00a46839bbf74a78ad *JGB 1980-03-08d1t01 Sugaree.flac
bcef58365ac849d6b63a09645f93c661 *JGB 1980-03-08d1t02 That's What Love Will Make You Do.flac
c4619cf941d4f4d6bf4152543329e5fa *JGB 1980-03-08d1t03 Simple Twist of Fate.flac
5e93a26a0b28fe1ebc523a29577a93b8 *JGB 1980-03-08d1t04 Tore Up.flac
ddd1388afa3e9eefe2cb4ace9653e2af *JGB 1980-03-08d2t01 I'll Take a Melody.flac
cc262efa7567cac96e4d85a3a5608458 *JGB 1980-03-08d2t02 How Sweet it Is.flac
76a96530ba1048fdaf298b0f3817eeaa *JGB 1980-03-08d2t03 After Midnite _.flac
d17aee281e664befd02cdfb7e7f7e8e3 *JGB 1980-03-08d2t04 Eleanor Rigby _.flac
14f8900378cee72db79f960f9a2d3cc3 *JGB 1980-03-08d2t05 After Midnight.flac
fe3c6b1014501f0fbab97aa3af18e1e7 *JGB 1980-03-08d2t06 When I Paint My Masterpiece _.flac
f75e65f41ebfb8f5d1a156aaba44657a *JGB 1980-03-08d2t07 Midnight Moonlight.flac
191562e74fe69bbf936d51fa0d438fa8 *JGB 1980-03-08d2t08 Jerry puffs w Tapers pre-show.flac

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Date User Comment
01/21/2014 1478 It has been reported that this is the same
recording as: jg80-03-08.jgb.aud.lai-levy.4428.sbeok.shnf
with renamed files re-encoded to flac as well as
possibly extra cdr gens in it.

Track 12: has been identified as a small part of 1981-07-10 Minnesota.
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