Grateful Dead 12/27/78
Golden Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego, CA
Source Summary
flac16/48kHz; Mark Severson's Master Audience Cassettes; Sony ECM-270 mics (section 404, row 8, seats 12-14) > Sony TC-158SD (TDK SA-C90); Transfer Info: Master Cassettes (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > dBpoweramp 24/96 > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496; 24-bit > 16-bit via dBpoweramp
Grateful Dead
Golden Hall
Community Concourse
San Diego, CA
Wednesday  December 27th, 1978

This is a 16/48 fileset. 24-bit > 16-bit via dBpoweramp

Source Info:
Mark Severson's Master Audience Cassettes; Sony ECM-270 mics (section 404, row 8, seats 12-14) > Sony TC-158SD (TDK SA-C90)

Transfer Info:
Master Cassettes (Nakamichi DR-1)> Tascam DA-3000 (DSF 1-bit/5.6 MHz) > dBpoweramp 24/96 > Adobe Audition CC 2019 > TLH flac2496

- Thanks to Mark Severson for the master cassettes
- Thanks to Charlie Miller for the transfer and coordinating this effort
- Thanks to Greg Schug, Steve Martin and Jack Warner for the shnid21480 Neumann SM69 source which supplies the first 6:48 of "Terrapin Station", as well as a 0:13 patch in "Black Peter"
- Thanks to Joe B. Jones for verifying the pitch

Mastered by Scott Clugston
February 2019

Set One:
s1t01 - Crowd
s1t02 - Promised Land
s1t03 - Friend Of The Devil
s1t04 - Cassidy
s1t05 - Peggy O
s1t06 - Mama Tried >
s1t07 - Mexicali Blues
s1t08 - Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo >
s1t09 - Franklin's Tower
s1t10 - The Music Never Stopped

Set Two:
s2t01 - Crowd
s2t02 - Bertha >
s2t03 - Good Lovin'
s2t04 - Ship Of Fools
s2t05 - Samson & Delilah
s2t06 - Terrapin Station >
s2t07 - Playin' In The Band >
s2t08 - Drums >
s2t09 - Not Fade Away >
s2t10 - Black Peter >
s2t11 - Around & Around
s2t12 - Encore Break
s2t13 - US Blues

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
     1:05.453      12567084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5610  gd78-12-27 s1t01 Crowd.flac
     5:34.747      64271404 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6550  gd78-12-27 s1t02 Promised Land.flac
    10:15.253     118128684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6145  gd78-12-27 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.flac
     6:19.773      72916524 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6246  gd78-12-27 s1t04 Cassidy.flac
     9:20.187     107555884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5984  gd78-12-27 s1t05 Peggy O.flac
     2:30.613      28917804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6354  gd78-12-27 s1t06 Mama Tried.flac
     6:21.400      73228844 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6115  gd78-12-27 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.flac
     8:18.680      95746604 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6123  gd78-12-27 s1t08 Mississippi Half-Step.flac
    12:19.880     142057004 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6137  gd78-12-27 s1t09 Franklin's Tower.flac
     8:43.395     100491824 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6294  gd78-12-27 s1t10 The Music Never Stopped.flac
     1:19.413      15247404 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5673  gd78-12-27 s2t01 Crowd.flac
     7:41.587      88624684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6154  gd78-12-27 s2t02 Bertha.flac
     9:08.587     105328684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6215  gd78-12-27 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac
     9:13.613     106293804 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6257  gd78-12-27 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
     9:06.227     104875564 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6106  gd78-12-27 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac
    11:52.507     136801324 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.4990  gd78-12-27 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac
    10:31.667     121280044 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6056  gd78-12-27 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac
     6:15.587      72112684 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5754  gd78-12-27 s2t08 Drums.flac
     8:48.453     101463084 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6206  gd78-12-27 s2t09 Not Fade Away.flac
    10:39.813     122844204 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5865  gd78-12-27 s2t10 Black Peter.flac
     8:14.853      95011884 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6319  gd78-12-27 s2t11 Around & Around.flac
     3:36.053      41482284 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.5818  gd78-12-27 s2t12 Encore Break.flac
     5:43.976      66043472 B   cxx   --   ---xx   flac  0.6263  gd78-12-27 s2t13 US Blues.flac
   173:01.718    1993290780 B                            0.6054  (23 files)

db2a142c6b952a801d399e1056039e6a *gd78-12-27 s1t01 Crowd.flac
a2185810d076e70729e53d3f73556675 *gd78-12-27 s1t02 Promised Land.flac
11c0191bfc73cf09f9386e8b5d553c0e *gd78-12-27 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.flac
50c5a8ba52eeb27cb97fbfaa6e6ed69a *gd78-12-27 s1t04 Cassidy.flac
6d82ae7ce2d182914c899d88a576946c *gd78-12-27 s1t05 Peggy O.flac
2517593aff48bf6de7f6676a9e7c0895 *gd78-12-27 s1t06 Mama Tried.flac
514c2eaa95fbf54fe3a591b1132b7117 *gd78-12-27 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.flac
9faddbaae9e65de3ad22062f4820eba0 *gd78-12-27 s1t08 Mississippi Half-Step.flac
2812e5cba2c7cf7197033db4ebeec497 *gd78-12-27 s1t09 Franklin's Tower.flac
eb25312aac7860b50c73dcaafd280544 *gd78-12-27 s1t10 The Music Never Stopped.flac
e93a2f22d0dfc18200d552b71a56627f *gd78-12-27 s2t01 Crowd.flac
d536cf1b348ea2b727a1e2e644a87bbd *gd78-12-27 s2t02 Bertha.flac
a9a7199fe4818d66f6d27de3f5d63341 *gd78-12-27 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac
956516bf55fb6b61d0e86823ea687b92 *gd78-12-27 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac
ea4c2ba94ecd854432a4615b1fb10180 *gd78-12-27 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac
446199369687c2a549b52ea3c8a4aa46 *gd78-12-27 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac
1c5a5addee05c544f91121b7928b20d1 *gd78-12-27 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac
4430d1d65ef30a7c72cc51ae5ab1209b *gd78-12-27 s2t08 Drums.flac
1be131bb1fddb16d5d55e949e19a6a0b *gd78-12-27 s2t09 Not Fade Away.flac
e5c092fd7fc6e0ffb690eef0af01c1b0 *gd78-12-27 s2t10 Black Peter.flac
cc6fcea0d3d75c81cfc9fa44112c1ef8 *gd78-12-27 s2t11 Around & Around.flac
84e2623a947b814f333d825aef56b0b0 *gd78-12-27 s2t12 Encore Break.flac
e98c44276c88ea79c8a54239998e5fcd *gd78-12-27 s2t13 US Blues.flac
gd78-12-27 s1t01 Crowd.flac:686c627a2740622c7edcc2b35a3509bb
gd78-12-27 s1t02 Promised Land.flac:68f44c3082459ddcc0531c83d9d98163
gd78-12-27 s1t03 Friend Of The Devil.flac:a5cc4ee658851c56612354898430bc02
gd78-12-27 s1t04 Cassidy.flac:5b5cc33c4d6596e8d520418b623561cb
gd78-12-27 s1t05 Peggy O.flac:b26a2792d91618961a9e64f8112b65ca
gd78-12-27 s1t06 Mama Tried.flac:603969ee10712c2b164222b3cfa20d2f
gd78-12-27 s1t07 Mexicali Blues.flac:c4e00272d7e9a6f9c4b1b821daaf5dbc
gd78-12-27 s1t08 Mississippi Half-Step.flac:75d23bf00868838f94d7ee118d5da58d
gd78-12-27 s1t09 Franklin's Tower.flac:d98492fe6a97c31c497dc2ccf562203c
gd78-12-27 s1t10 The Music Never Stopped.flac:39626d36a85ea52e55fba52bb486e324
gd78-12-27 s2t01 Crowd.flac:eea3d023230bf81a4ab0400d2d838cb7
gd78-12-27 s2t02 Bertha.flac:7d1d014e2caf22aca1368192c939babe
gd78-12-27 s2t03 Good Lovin'.flac:ba4b46e83a7d5d0c2d9e6cd41c9f06d1
gd78-12-27 s2t04 Ship Of Fools.flac:79ae685a1d164412f09ad8352995ff89
gd78-12-27 s2t05 Samson & Delilah.flac:07673ad68b780730bd67c05cfd0a1814
gd78-12-27 s2t06 Terrapin Station.flac:067d3f8214448a763d743f5f47a2e640
gd78-12-27 s2t07 Playin' In The Band.flac:380d5cb7672f1cf5ca5c755f8670a3cf
gd78-12-27 s2t08 Drums.flac:51314db51ff68400c61ea3e2d2f5c68d
gd78-12-27 s2t09 Not Fade Away.flac:713d23eb67999333b1e3368ab29057cb
gd78-12-27 s2t10 Black Peter.flac:95560023deb81fc65900bbce7f58d2cb
gd78-12-27 s2t11 Around & Around.flac:69867ab85cbe83c52c822bbfd5b737ae
gd78-12-27 s2t12 Encore Break.flac:6808f4dbb1608545e140619758c425dc
gd78-12-27 s2t13 US Blues.flac:c5388039f2a71f5b624619469a44c289

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