Jason Mraz 09/30/05
UMKC -Swinney Recreation Center, Kansas City, MO
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Studio Projects C4 > Edirol UA-5 > Nomad JB3
Jason Mraz
September 30, 2005
UMKC - Kansas City, MO

Studio Projects C-4>Edirol UA-5>Nomad JB3 @44.1/16bit

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Taped by Brian Price brian@liverecording.org

Setlist Thanks to sandalphur

01 Introduction
02 Life Is Wonderful
03 Unfold
04 Nerds Presentation
05 Did You Get My Message?
06 I'll Do Anything
07 Absolutely Zero
08 Bella Luna
09 Curbside Prophet
10 Mr. Curiosity
11 Sleeping to Dream
12 I Won't Hesitate
13 Common Pleasure
14 Please Don't Tell Her
15 You and I
16 The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
17 Song for a Friend
18 Ode to Squirrels
19 Geek in Pink
ba2e3b1760803753ea24499dc8a223ba *mraz2005-09-30-01.flac
adee0d3c2424d6d98addd40fb337bff4 *mraz2005-09-30-02.flac
dde5fb1282e19bdbe219f760ab331f4f *mraz2005-09-30-03.flac
21d7357823112569f4978edb3541ddde *mraz2005-09-30-04.flac
f0c4b883078b0f8063be6ad07d59cf9b *mraz2005-09-30-05.flac
cb8e2e5ba5943c188c3ebd1a1decc62c *mraz2005-09-30-06.flac
205255c348549581dbaba2fa8324bd6f *mraz2005-09-30-07.flac
c7a0c74910cb8dd63ffdc53545821ac4 *mraz2005-09-30-08.flac
da218dc27181c149c6a4278e97ebd625 *mraz2005-09-30-09.flac
89649224e3d6ca93fce72ed240dd16ed *mraz2005-09-30-10.flac
aea72fbc4289b85d852c3cf5715f7efa *mraz2005-09-30-11.flac
b5294141af76d6f753fc6b6c0427c787 *mraz2005-09-30-12.flac
cd423c6d7e153799c490412affa1eb33 *mraz2005-09-30-13.flac
d189647efbf8a73dc294bd553452c6f4 *mraz2005-09-30-14.flac
e4ea746c7142bcf97d31819270486cde *mraz2005-09-30-15.flac
73cd0deddba4d27383b3025e18e4fd6e *mraz2005-09-30-16.flac
987e7c91785d8f6f5d251e937235f1d8 *mraz2005-09-30-17.flac
ebb3a3141ee4cbf700eb32365d6f62d1 *mraz2005-09-30-18.flac
7612ceab24d1fe471874ef8b7866f1e3 *mraz2005-09-30-19.flac

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