Show detail for Larry Keel Experience - 07/20/00
Show Date07/20/00
VenueCafe Tomo
Set 1?
Mule To Ride
Try Me >
4:20 Blues
Black Ridge Ramble
Red Rockin' Chair >
In The Plan >
Miles & Miles >
Jerry's Farewell
Shackles & Chains
Teach's Wrath >
Aquarium Fescue
? (a Bob Wills tune)
set2All Fall Down >
Culpeper WoodChuck
Corn Liquor
Soldier's Joy
With Care From Someone
Grey Eagle
Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
Little Green Pills
Pennies In My Pockets
Rainbow Bridge
Whitehouse Blues
Wild Hog
June Apple
CommentThe Experience:
Larry Keel - guitar, vocals
Jenny Keel - bass, vocals
David Via - mandolin, vocals
Curtis Burch - dobro, vocals
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Last Update2009-01-07 21:11:01
Date Entered2009-01-07 21:11:01
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07/20/00 - Master: Sbd > Sony SBM-1 (@44.1kHz) > DAT Master (Sony TCD-D7)
Transfer: DAT Master (Tascam DA-P1) > CDR (Tascam (CD-RW 700) > EAC (v0.9 beta 3) > WAV > FLAC Frontend (v. > FLAC; Mastered and transfered by Dan Gale (
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Jack WarnerFLAC MSD>CDLarry Keel - guitar, vocals
Jenny Keel - bass, vocals
David Via - mandolin
Curtis Burch - dobro
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