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04/23/2007 5 Collin Hey I was wondering if I could download a Dave Matthews Band show. It was the first show I ever went to and they played one of my favorite songs that they don't play anymore, Crazy-Easy. I would be willing to pay or something, I dont know how this works. Please e-mail me at and let me know. Thanks for your time.
Rating for Collin:0(0)
09/19/2006 3 Dave hey - this is Dave from Combustion Collective - I saw you have a show of ours from The Old Pequliar. If you are the person that taped this - you also tapped a show in Tacoma at either Jazzbones or Panamonica's....I'd love a copy if you have that show. Feel free to email me -
Rating for Dave:0(0)
07/27/2005 3 courtney i am new at trading and i attended the dave matthews show in nashville, Tn on July 20, 2005 i am in great need of this show and was wondering if we could do that b & p trading and get a copy of the show on cd please. thanks
Rating for courtney:0(0)
07/14/2005 5 bobby please help me in understanding how to download a show from yours or any other site , yours in particular thankyou
Rating for bobby:0(0)
04/14/2004 5 ROY HAMILTON great trade,great guy! ,thks,roy
Rating for ROY HAMILTON:4.9(10)
02/23/2004 5 Ted Rogers Jarod hooked me up with a great b+p. Big Ups to ya. Thanks, TED
Rating for Ted Rogers:4.96(25)
02/12/2003 5 staywastingtime Jarod is a great trader. He sent his shows quickly and kept in contact. I recommend trading with Jarod if you have the opportunity!
Rating for staywastingtime:5(17)
01/30/2003 5 BenJee fast easy trade, hopefully we'll trade again soon!
Rating for BenJee:4.58(12)
01/27/2003 5 Litmus fast trade, easy to deal with and sent great music. i wish all my trades went like this.
Rating for Litmus:4.61(18)
10/03/2002 5 Chad Rieder Jarod gave me a great sounding DMB show and got it to me very quick. I'd definitly trade with him again.
Rating for Chad Rieder:5(14)
09/09/2002 5 Eddie Russell Jarod is an excellent trader. He communicates good, uses quality discs, and is fast! I would definitely trade with him again.
Rating for Eddie Russell:5(16)
07/26/2002 5 Jason sent shows quick ? good communication. recommended trader!!
Rating for Jason:5(8)
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