Glen Phillips and Related Artists · 2002
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Los Angeles

Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek 1. January Second (3:19) 2. Reels (2:47) 3. Farewell, Angelina (5:44) 4. "Introductions" (1:59) 5. Letters Never Sent (2:53) 6. Reasons Why (4:40) 7. Sally Anne (2:45) 8. Locking Doors (3:43) 9. Brother Wind (3:31) Glen Phillips 10. "A Professional Entertainer" (1:30) 11. Crowing (3:00) 12. Sleep of the Blessed (2:37) 13. Whatever I Fear (2:51) 14. Train Wreck (4:18) 15. Shorn (4:09) 16. Professional Victim (3:19) 17. Easier (4:57) 18. Love Wasn't Done (?) (2:57)
Sean and Sara join Glen 1. "Watkinseses" (1:15) 2. Let It Fall (Sean's Mic is falling down, Glen trying to hold it up) (4:29) 3. Sake of the World (2:39) 4. "I Wan'na Be Like You" (2:01) 5. Darkest Hour (3:40) 6. There Comes A Time (4:14) 7. Windmills (4:49) 8. Back on My Feet (3:30) 9. I Don't Need Anything (3:04) 10. Greer Zoller (3:03) 11. "Nanci Attempt" (2:00) 12. Something's Always Wrong (5:19) 13. "Two..Two.." (3:21) 14. Fred Meyers (4:38) Encore without Sean and Sara 15. Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 (3:25) 16. Liars Everywhere (3:29) 17. Drive By (3:04)

North Star Bar

Windmills Professional Victim Comes A Time Whatever I Fear Shorn Easier Sake Of The World Small Dark Movie Crowing Dam Would Break Back On My Feet The Seductress's Song * Two-headed Boy, Part 2 Maya Drive By Everything Matters Nanci Greer Zoller Far Away Fred Meyers Mr. Poppy All I Want Don't Need Anything
E1: Walk On The Ocean (unplugged) Nightingale Song (unplugged) Something's Alway Wrong (unplugged) E2: Sleep Of The Blessed Think About Your Troubles All Things In Time
*- "The Seductress's Song" is AKA "Ruin" or "Happy With What You've Got."

Joe's Pub
New York

Crowing Sleep of the Blessed Train Wreck Small Dark Movies ^ Windmills Fred Meyers Easier Dam Would Break Love is Stronger Than Death * Shorn Something to Say Greer Zoller Drive By Everything Matters Walk on the Ocean Sake of the World Far Away Maya Darkest Hour Something's Always Wrong
^ Greg Brown cover * The The cover

House of Blues

professional victim / whatever i fear / there comes a time / windmills / my own town / marigolds / easier / throw it all away / dialogue / nanci / naked and happy (?) / train wreck / grier zaller / crowing / gabriel / drive by / how are things going (?...possibly a Greg Brown cover) / You Take Me Far Away (?) (missing encore...but this is the entire recording available)

Park West

Crowing Shorn Train Wreck Whatever I Fear Small Dark Movie Easier Darkest Hour My Goal Stupid Far Away Between The Bars Windmills Political Science Redemption Song Sake Of The World Drive By Something To Say I Don't Need Anything Walk On The Ocean Something's Always Wrong Celebration
--ENCORE--- Let It Pass Dr. Dresser Part 2 Marigolds Greer Zoller All Things In Time


Crowing Professional Victim Sake of the World (Attempt #1) Nanci Sake of the World Something to Say Train Wreck Whatever I Fear Shorn Drive By Political Science @ Darkest Hour Good Intentions
All I Want Windmills Easier Between the Bars # Brother Let It Pass Dam Would Break Walk on the Ocean Fred Meyers Don't Need Anything Something's Always Wrong (Sing-Along)
@ Randy Newman cover # Elliot Smith cover

The Courthouse, Sunken Gardens
Santa Barbara

Shorn Walk On The Ocean Darkest Hour Thankful Train Wreck Let It Pass Dam Would Break Political Science ^ Don't Need Anything
^ Randy Newman cover

Los Angeles

Men Just Leave Gratitude Back On My Feet There Comes A Time Crowing Windmills My Own Town Let It Pass Darkest Hour Good Intentions The Smallest Part of You Train Wreck Shorn Dam Would Break Stupid Now Drive By Easier Thinking Out Loud # Something's Always Wrong Be Careful Gabriel (tease) Gabriel Greer Zoller Duck And Cover I Don't Need Anything Whatever I Fear Prisoner Reincarnation Song
# Ron Sexsmith cover

Los Angeles

Sleep of the Blessed Whatever I Fear Easier Darkest Hour Gratitude & Professional Victim & Comes a Time Shorn & Back On My Feet & Sake of the World & Train Wreck & Duck And Cover & Can You Heal Me? & The Smallest Part of You & Windmills & Fred Meyers & Dam Would Break All I Want Dad's Song (Garage) Crowing I Don't Need Anything Better Off Here (Theme to Ed) Drive By Greer Zoller Walk On The Ocean
& with Jen and Jay on bass and drums

Iron Horse Music Hall

Sleep Of The Blessed Crowing A Lot To Be Thankful For Comes A Time Dam Would Break Train Wreck Windmills My Own Town Fred Myers Brother Small Dark Movie^ Back On My Feet Easier Drive By Whatever I Fear All I Want Walk On The Ocean Somethings Always Wrong Falling Shorn Darkest Hour All Things In Time Simple Political Science* Maya
*Randy Newman Cover ^Greg Brown Cover

Iota Restaurant & Bar

Crowing Everything Matters It Takes Time Whatever I Fear There Comes A Time Back On My Feet Smells Like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Windmills Two Headed Boy Part II (Tease) All I Want Two Headed Boy Part II (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover) Gabriel Sake Of The World A Lot To Be Thankful For Train Wreck Easier Walk On The Ocean Falling Sleep Of The Blessed Fly From Heaven Think About Your Troubles (Harry Nilsson Cover) Darkest Hour Something's Always Wrong (Unamplified "Collective") Don't Need Anything Throw It All Away Political Science (Randy Newman Cover) All Things In Time Drive By I Will Not Take These Things For Granted

Joe's Pub
New York

Tuning / Chit-Chat Windmills tease Time (The Revelator) Tuning / Chit-Chat Windmills Tuning / Chit-Chat Fred Myers
Disc 2 - Show 1 Sleep Of The Blessed A Lot To Be Thankful For Whatever I Fear Train Wreck Easier Windmills Comes A Time Fred Meyers Let It Pass All I Want (NC) Darkest Hour (NC) Sake of the World Dam Would Break Duck and Cover Walk On the Ocean Better Off Here? Falling All Things In Time Drive By Trouble
Crowing Falling Professional Victim Shorn Gabriel Nightingale Song Let It Fall Between The Bars It Takes Time Spit On A Stranger Little Buddha Liars Everywhere Sake Of The World Fred Meyers Reasons Why Comes A Time Star Wars Medely Windmills ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Disc 4 - Encore on the street Molly And Tenbrooks Walk on The Ocean All I Want Time (The Revelator) Sir Duke

Ram's Head Tavern

Sleep Of The Blessed Nanci Duck and Cover Crowing Back On My Feet High On A Riverbed Falling Small Dark Movie (Greg Brown Cover) There Comes A Time Train Wreck Fred Meyers Men Just Leave Something To Say Greer Zollar Windmills My Own Town
Whatever I Fear Rings Old Man (Randy Newman Cover) (Dad's In The) Garage Easier Walk On The Ocean Far Away Drive By Don't Need Anything Star Trek Theme All Things In Time She

Cafe Largo
Los Angeles

Nightingale Song Dr. Dresser Nanci Lay Down Your Arms Living Free (Prisoner) (Sara and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek join GP onstage.) Dam Would Break La Lune Shorn Windmills Fred Meyers Train Wreck Comes a Time Let It Fall (GP leaves stage) This Side (Sara and Sean only) (GP Returns) Sarah And Sean Play Fast Rockin' Irish Jig While GP Changes Tuner Battery Easier (w/Stairway to Heaven spoof and Gilligan's Island theme) Redemption Song (Bob Marley Cover) Crowing (NC) Falling Sake of the World (Sarah and Sean leave) Cool Dude Simple Don't Need Anything Brain Trust Kid (?) Let It Pass A Lot To Be Thankful For Drive By (Sarah and Sean return) I Will Not Take These Things For Granted


Sleep of the Blessed Crowing Comes A Time Back On My Feet Windmills My Own Town Whatever I Fear Thankful Gather Nanci Never Once Cool All I Want Drive By Easier Everything Matters Dam Would Break Walk on the Ocean Train Wreck Simple Nightingale Song Don't Need Anything ENCORE 1: Fred Meyers I Will Not Take These Things for Granted ENCORE 2: Greer Zoller Reincarnation Song Courage

12th & Porter

Crowing Gather Train Wreck Nanci Back On My Feet Thankful Whatever I Fear Courage Comes A Time Nightingale Song Easier Walk On The Ocean Simple Something To Say Dr. Dresser Dam Would Break Better Off Here Drive By Something's Always Wrong Don't Need Anything Two Headed Boy, Part 1 Greer Zoller Windmills

The Hub, University Of Washington

Sleep Of The Blessed Crowing Marigolds Windmills My Own Town Train Wreck Lay Down Your Arms Dam Would Break Prisoner (Living Free) * Walk On The Ocean A Lot To Be Thankful For Easier (False Start Eaiser Drive By Better Off Here Liars Everywhere Political Science (Randy Newman Cover) Two Headed Boy Part II (Neutral Milk Hotel Cover) Duck And Cover Little Buddah Let It Pass Behind The House * or Other End Of The Hole * Fred Meyers All I Want Judgement Day * Maya Another Half-Life * All Things In Time
* = working or unknown title

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