Dispatch · 2000
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Alpha Delta Fraternity, Dartmouth College

Water Stop Past the Falls Questioned Apocalypse 2 Coins -> Stoned Me -> 2 Coins Steeples -> Drum Jam -> Bulls on Parade $ -> What Do You Want to Be Bullet Holes Here We Go Root Down -> Bats in the Belfry Bang Bang Hubs -> Do You Feel Like We Do -> For What it's Worth & -> Hubs Passerby Open Up The General Eye of the Tiger Intro -> Mission

Middlesex School

Acoustic: Questioned Apocalypse Past the Falls Two Coins/Stoned Me/Bulls on Parade/Chad rap Steeples Electric: What Do You Wanna Be? Bullet Holes Bang Bang (with sing along) Bats in the Belfry Birthdays/Greg taking a picture Open Up Cover This Root Down/Watcha Want ending
Here We Go (w/ Corey Cally on guitar) Time Served Hubs/For What It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield) Lightning The General Passerby War/Bullet in the Head/Pawn Shop Even Mission Out Loud/Stir It Up/Get Up, Stand Up

College of the Holy Cross

Whaddaya Here We Go Cover This Rootdown--> Bats Bullet Holes "Bum Guitar" The General--> What I Got Eye Of The Tiger--> Mission

Westminster School

RATM Intro, Cover This, Whaddya Wannabe, Here We Go, Open Up, Bullet Holes, Rootdown, Bats in the Belfry-> Drums, Bang Bang, Water Stop, Past the Falls, Questioned Apocolypse, Two Coins, Flying Horses, The General->What I Got*, Out Loud-> Stir it Up**-> Get Up Stand Up**-> Three Little Birds**-> Stir it Up**-> Even, Railway, Carry You, Hubs->For What it's Worth-> Ohio-> Hubs, Bulls on Parade-> Mission
*-Sublime Cover **-Bob Marley Cover

The Wetlands
New York

Intro Cover This Wide Right Turns Whatda wanna be Open Up Bullet Holes Bang Bang Railway Station Root Down Bats In The Belfry Here We Go
Intro Past The Falls Questioned Apocalypse Two Coins>Stoned Me>Two Coins Carry You Elias The General War Passerby Outloud Mission Hubs

Higher Ground

Cover This Open Up* Bulletholes Lightening Bang Bang Prince of Spades General Even Carry You Bats in the Belfry-->Drums-->Bats *Land Down Under Ending
Opener for The Samples

The Hill School

Questioned Apocolypse, Two Coins, Prince of Spades, Bullet Holes, Bang Bang, People of the Sun, What Do You Wanna Be, Cover This, Open Up, The General, Mission, Hubs

The Avalon

Even What Do You Wanna Be? Open Up Land Down Under Cover This Bullet Holes Wake Up Prince of Spheres Carry You The General Bats in the Belfry

The Wetlands Preserve
New York

The General, Here We Go, Bullet Holes, Bang Bang, Bridges, Passerby, Even, Cut It/Match It -> Just Like Larry -> People of the Sun* -> Cut it/Match It, Steeples, Carry You, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away**~, Flying Horses, Elias -> Like A Prayer***-> Break My Stride**** -> Elias
*Rage Against the Machine Cover, **Beatles Cover, ~With Howie Day, ***Madonna Cover, ****Matthew Wilder

Theatre of Living Arts (TLA)

Opening Band - unknown 1. Peppers (unknown song) (beginning of set 1) 2. Cover This 3. Everybody Clap 4. Open Up 5. Land Down Under (Men at Work Cover) 6. The General 7. What I Got (Sublime Cover) 8. Lightning 9. Bang Bang 10. Ms Jackson (Outkast Cover) 11. Bullet Holes 12. Even 13. Passerby (end of set 1) 14. Cut It/Match It (beginning of set 2) 15. Prince of Spades 16. Carry You 17. Time Served 18. Root Down 19. Here We Go 20. Hubs (ENCORE) 21. For What It"s Worth (Buffalo Springfield Cover) (ENCORE) 22. Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley Cover) (ENCORE)


Intro Here We Go What Do You Wanna Be Open Up Cover This Time Served Bullet Holes Bang Bang Lightning War Spades Pele Root Down You Cut It You Match It Burning Up The River (Pete Solo) ??? (Chad solo) ??? (Brad solo) drum solo Bats In The Belfry Even The General

Irving Plaza
New York

[Unknown - Setlist ends with The General]

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