Metallica 04/14/92
Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON
Set I
Enter Sandman >
Creeping Death
Harvester Of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Sad But True
Wherever I May Roam
Bass Solo > Orion >
Through The Never
The Unforgiven
Justice Medley
Set II
Mistreated > Guitar Solo >
Nothing Else Matters
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Fade To Black
Whiplash > Symptoms Of The Universe
Master Of Puppets

Seek And Destroy
Last Caress >
Am I Evil? >
Damage Inc
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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
bubba420 (5/5) FLAC/2CDR / 2 View   "Totally Destroy Canada" Bootleg
gwendibbley (5/0) Digital / View  
Denis Charette (5/4.5) CDR / 2 A - View   VG/Exc Snbd
Notes: ** "Totally Destroy Canada"
vht (5/5) DVD NTSC / 3 A View   Aud (M) > DVD
Notes: Bill G. / WVMonster / RZK
afterdinnermint (5/5) CDR / 2 B+ View  
Notes: "Totally Destroy Canada" silver. Really clean audience recording and a mostly awesome show with a great setlist. The only downside is the band's penchant at this point for wasting time on extended and pointless solos that bring the performance to a screeching halt. With 10 minutes of bass noodling, a full 15 minutes of Lars fucking around, and another 10 minutes in guitar solos, huge sections of the show are utterly boring. I'd much rather have heard a half-hour of the classic songs missing from the setlist instead, but if you can get past that, this is still a cool show all things considered.
richard (5/5) Cdr / 2 View  
BrianM (5/5) CD / 2 A- View  
Notes: 'Totally Destroy Canada'
kazu0313 (5/5) DVD / 2 View
mark (5/5) DVD / 2 B+ A View   Aud Shot NTSC
Notes: Great video with an audio upgrade.With menu and chapters.
mark (5/5) DVD / 2 View   Aud Shot NTSC
Roddy (5/5) CD / 2 A A View  
Phil (5/0) dvd / 2 View  
JTCelica (5/5) DVD / 0 View  
JTCelica (5/5) CD / 0 View  
Jason (5/4.8) CDR / 2 View   SBD
Steve (5/4.5) CD-R / 2 A A View   AUD
Notes: DAO - Good show. Audio isn't pristine, but is listenable.
Ben Roberts (5/5) DVD / 2 View  
gwen (5/4.9) cdr / 2 View  
Notes: DAO
Spike (5/4.1) CD / 2 A A View  
chrisrap1 (5/0) cdr / 0 B- View  
Billster (5/5) CDR / 2 B+ View  
Notes: Seamless, but the SQ of the master wasn't that great and this copy has some digital "artifacts" in places that are reminiscent of vinyl. Wouldn't recommend for less than completists.
DRS (5/0) Cd-r / 2 A View  
C Montana (4/5) DVDR / 3 A View  
Edgar H (4/5) / 2 View   "Naughty Vol. I & II" [Label: CROCODILE BEAT - CB53010-1/2]
Notes: SBD - this version is missing Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Through the Never, and Damage Inc. This is only one of 13 different silver boolegs of this show.
fan23 (4/5) cdr / 2 View  
Notes: Metallica "Totally Destroy Canada" @Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Canada 4-14-92 CD1 1-Enter Sandman 2-Creeping Death 3-Harvester Of Sorrow 4-Welcome Home(Sanitarium) 5-Sad But True 6-Wherever I May Roam 7-Jason's solo 8-Through The Never 9-The Unforgiven 10-Justice medley 11-Lars' solo CD2 1-Mistreated 2-Kirk's solo 3-Nothing Else Matters 4-For Whom The Bell Tolls 5-Fade To Black 6-Whiplash 7-Symptom Of The Universe 8-Master Of Puppets 9-Seek & Destroy 10-One 11-Last Caress 12-Am I Evil?/Damage Inc.
Bill Welch (4/5) CD-R / 2 View  
Jeff (3/5) FLAC / View  
Deron (3/5) CD / 2 B+ View   Audience
Notes: "Totally Destroy Canada" - Bootleg Disc one: 1. Enter Sandman 2. Creeping Death 3. Harvester Of Sorrow 4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 5. Sad But True 6. Wherever I May Roam 7. Bass Solo > Orion 8. Through The Never 9. The Unforgiven 10. Justice Jam 11. Drum Solo Disc two: 1. Mistreated 2. Guitar Solo 3. Nothing Else Matters 4. For Whom The Bell Tolls 5. Fade To Black 6. Whiplash 7. Symptom Of The Universe 8. Master Of Puppets 9. Seek And Destroy 10. One 11. Last Caress 12. Am I Evil? > Damage, Inc.
Jason (3/4.3) CDR / 1 View  
Kevin Skogg (3/5) CDR / 2 A A- View  
Notes: Totally Destroys CanadA
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