David Gans and Related Artists · 2005
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Set 2
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The Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley

Desert of Love Lazy River Road Down to Eugene Four Strong Winds Jackaroe A Child's Claim to Fame Cherokee Rider Wheels Ripple Stop and Listen No Mockingbird Disoriented Native American, or Lost Indian In the Pines Black Rat Swing Baby Please Don't Go Jambalaya Stevie Coyle solo Compadres in the Old Sierra Madre Leavin' Louisiana in the Broad Daylight That's Real Love Red Light Shine Shine Shine Jacqueline Goin' Back to Georgia Wild Horse Valley The Lonesome Fugitive Wichita Caroline Swingin' Doors You Don't Know Me I Wanna Sing That Rock 'n'Roll Tear My Stillhouse Down I Am The Light of This World
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Bazaar Cafe
San Francisco

Desert Of Love, Popstar, Trying, These Apartments, That's Real Love, Sovereign Soul, High Guy, Who Killed Uncle John?, stage stuff, Falling Star, Down To Eugene, Autumn Day, Distance to the Door, The Minstrel, Shut Up and Listen, Surely You Jest
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KPFA Studio

The Other Side of This Life - Jefferson Airplane, Bless Its Pointed Little Head Phone interview with Jeff Tamarkin She Has Funny Cars - Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow Spare Chaynge - Jefferson Airplane, After Bathing at Baxter's Dust My Promise - Spencer Dryden and Skip Battin 1976 (unreleased) Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane, Bless Its Pointed Little Head Phone interview with Sally Dryden In a Void - Spencer Dryden and Skip Battin 1976 (unreleased) I Don't Need No Doctor - New Riders of the Purple Sage, Powerglide Home Grown - New Riders of the Purple Sage, Who Are These Guys? Butcher's Boy - The dinosaurs, Friends of Extinction Love - Barry "The Fish" Melton Band,The Saloon Years
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KZMU Studios

Intro, Jackaroe, Down To Eugene, Return of the Grievous Angel, Waltzing Across Texax, Lazy River Road, That's Real Love , Surely You Jest, Pancho and Lefty>Leave Me>Terrapin Station, An American Family, KZMU Talks to David, Station Break Music
Our Lady of the Well, Wharf Rat>Mission In The Rain>Wharf Rat, Hooker River, Black Peter, Blue Roses, Brokedown Palace, Trying, Exit

Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley

Sittin' Here In Limbo That's Real Love (D. Gans) Who Killed Uncle John (D. Gans) China Doll Find The Cost Of Freedom In My Life Yellow Moon (unknown title) (J. Kadlecik) (unknown title) (J. Kadlecik) American Spring
intro East Of Nowhere (R. Eaton) Walk In The Sunshine Birdsong Cassidy Lay Down Sally Impressionist Two-Step Last Lonely Eagle Cumberland Blues
intro Catfish Blues Dust My Broom Spill The Wine Cold Rain And Snow Morning Dew Senor Rosalie McFall Catnip Oh The Wind And Rain Lovelight Ripple Lazy River Road
David Gans: guitar & vocals Eric Thompson: mandolin, guitar & vocals David Nelson: guitar & vocals Greg Anton: drums, percussion Ken Emerson: guitar & vocals Henry Kaiser: guitar & vocals Peter Harris: guitar & vocals Freddie Roulette: lap steel guitar Martin Fierro: tenor saxophone Dark Star Orchestra: John Kadlecik: guitar, mandolin & vocals Rob Eaton: guitar & vocals Rob Koritz: drums, percussion Dino English: drums, percussion Kevin Rosen: bass guitar Lisa Mackey: vocals Scott Larned: melodica

Private Party

Sitting in Limbo Wharf Rat Dixie Sin City Lazy River Road That's Real Love Falling Star Loser Midnight Moonlight
Instrumental (Dark Star->It's Gonna Get Better) Blue Roses Ship of Fools Jack-a-Roe
DG solo portions only

Live Oak

Jail Trumpets That's Real Love High Guy Sovereign Soul These Apartments Echolalia Return of the Grievous Angel* Wild Horses* Every Kick in the Ass Is a Shove in the Right Direction* River and Drown*
Totally acoustic. No mics, no amplification. * w/ Steve Pruett on mandolin.

Don Quixote's

Redwood Grove > Box of Rain For a Dancer Travelin' Man Surely You Jest High Guy Shove in the Right Direction
Gasworks Park That's Real Love Mr Grouter Righteous Stage Talking It's Gonna Get Better Anna Mae
Jim Page Talking Lightnin' Hopkins Key to My Soul Headful of Pictures-> Andres Raya The Singer and the AWOL Kid Clone Song Green Rocky Road-> I Keep Coming Back Something About Us ~ Encore - Jim and David: I Wonder If I'm Loving You Right
Set 1 is solo David. Set 2 is David and Jim. Set 3 is Jim solo.

KKCR Studios

Radio Intro Return of the Grievous Angel quick chat An American Family Radio Chat (about Jim Page!) Down to Eugene That's Real Love Waltzing Across Texas Interview/Chat Surely You Jest The Minstrel Radio Exit
Performance on "Kaua'i Live" - host: Dove Liddle

GOTV - Indian Lookout Country Club

Down To Eugene River and Drown The Minstrel Shove in the Right Direction Sing Me Back Home * Terrapin Station * Who Will Save Us From the Saved? That's Real Love An American Family
* with: Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay- vocals Rob Koritz (DSO)- Drums Klyph Black (Zen Tricksters)- Bass, Vocals Jeff Matson (Zen Tricksters)- Guitar, Vocals Tom Circosta (Zen Tricksters)- Vocals

Frank Kiser's House

Jam > Jack-A-Roe, Me and Bobby McGee, Cassidy, Broken Arrow > Sitting In Limbo > Help!
Dark Star > Midnight Moonlight, Sultans Of Swing, Russian Lullaby, Real Love, Desparado, Friend Of The Devil, Terrapin Station > Mr. Tambourine Man, Jam > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad, Down To Eugene, Lazy River Road
Who Will Save Us From The Saved, Mississippi Half Step, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Echolilia, Third Rate Romance, Things We Said Today > Eleanore Rigby, Sin City, Brokedown Palace
David was joined by John Skehan of RailRoad Earth on Mandolin for the entire performance Andy Goessling of RailRoad Earth joined David and John for Set 2 on 5-String Banjo, Resophonic Guitar, and Soprano Saxophone.

The Kodiak

Opening jam->Return of the Grievous Angel, Lazy River Road, Falling Star, Jam->Jackaroe, Our Lady of the Well->When I Paint My Masterpiece, Like a Dog->Terrapin->San Rafael Swell->Watching the Detectives-> Ship of Fools->In Another World->Kodiak jam, Surely You Jest, Pancho and Lefty->P&L jam, Shove in the Right Direction, Chatter, Who Will Save Us from the Saved?, Elvis Imitators>Sin City->Dear Mr Fantasy->Blue Roses->Brokedown Palace, Loser, Down to Eugene, Rubin and Cherise->The Minstrel, Chatter, Sugaree
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Terrapin Hill Music Festival

Soundcheck Jack-a-Roe Wild Horses Catfish John Friend Of The Devil Sultans Of Swing Down To Eugene Dawn's Early Light>Return Of The Grievous Angel Terrapin Station>Shove In The Right Direction Who Will Save Us From The Saved?
Andy Goessling(Railroad Earth)plays soprano sax,Tim Carbone(Railroad Earth)plays fiddle,John Skehan(Railroad Earth)plays mandolin,Johnny Grubb(Railroad Earth)plays bass on "Jack-A-Roe","Wild Horses","Catfish John","Friend Of A Devil" and "Sultans Of Swing".

The Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley

Things We Said Today I Should Have Known Better I Wanna Dance Jacqueline She Loves You If I Fell Shove in the Right Direction Far Away Travelin' Man A Hard Day's Night Swim Movee Groovee
Chatter :32 Chatter It's Gonna Get Better Surely You Jest Terrapin>Attics of My Life Blue Roses Waltzing Across Texas Down To Eugene Falling Star Jackaroe An American Family (talk: David's intro from opening of show) That's Real Love (from show opener)
The 8th Invitational: This Invitational was: David Gans and Chris Rowan, guitar and vocals; Joshua Zucker, bass; Josh (lastname?) Keyboards, Paul Cicco, percussion Set 2 is David Gans Solo.

Java Junction

Monica Lewinsky Surely You Jest Lazy River Road Who Killed Uncle John? Who Will Save Us from the Saved? Like a Dog->Terrapin->An American Family->Brokedown Palace Dawn's Early Light->The Minstrel Shove in the Right Direction
With Earth Bombs Mars

Magnolia Festival
Live Oak

Dawn's Early Light The Minstrel Shove In The Right Direction Who Will Save Us From The Saved? An American Family Surely You Jest Down To Eugene Lazy River Road Monica Lewisnsky > Brokedown Palace

Magnolia Festival - Music Hall Stage

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad Wild Horses Sound Check Groove Bubbles in My Beer CatFish John Midnight Moonlight Mr. Tambourine Man Sultons of Swing
David Gans - Guitar Lead Vocals Tim Carbone- Violin (RailRoad Earth) Joe Craven- Fiddle (DGQ, Joe Craven Trio) Alan Dalton- Banjo Andy Goessling- Sapranio Sax (RailRoad Earth) Johnny Grubb- Standup Bass (RailRoad Earth) Josh Skehan- Mandolin (RailRoad Earth) Arvid Smith- Drobro, guitar (Tammerlin) Annie Wenz- Percusson

THE REPTILES at the Wonders of Cannabis Expo
San Francisco

US Blues, Travelin' Man, Watchin' for the Bear, Bird Song-> Black Throated Wind, Crazy Crazy Crazy, She Belongs to Me, Candyman, Scarlet Begonias->Hooker River
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